2021-07-10 Alex Harley

Portabella is closing down

This is the end for Portabella, we’re closing up shop and winding down all services. New sign ups are now disabled, and current users will have three months to migrate away from the platform before we turn it off for good.

The End

This is the end for Portabella. It doesn’t come without a heavy heart, Portabella was the result of many, many hours and late nights of my life. The lessons learned from starting a business and bootstrapping it to over $100 monthly recurring revenue are invaluable.

Ultimately though, Portabella is now over a year old with no direction and no financial stability in sight. With those in mind, I’ve made the decision to shut it down.

Lessons Learned

A few lessons stick out having developed and pushed Portabella forward over the last eighteen months. The first and biggest lesson is that you shouldn’t build something if no one is asking for it. That applies to Portabella itself, a privacy focused task management tool isn’t the highest priority for most people, but also various features we launched on the platform like Feedback, PrivaNote, our SDK, the Gantt chart and more.

What’s Next?

Portabella was always a one man shop, no matter how it appeared from the outside. I’ve shifted my focus to other areas in the past six months, and am eager to leave the headache that running a SaaS brings behind.

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