2020-11-01 Alex Harley

Monthly update, October Edition

Thanks for checking out the first edition of our monthly update! We’ll be doing this to provide a summary of our progress each month and bundle in smaller updates that don’t necessitate their own blog post.


Page views


An absolutely massive month for us in terms of getting eyes on to Portabella. We launched on Product Hunt and were featured by Just Launched soon after they also launched on Product Hunt. Additionally we’re well engaged with the Indie Hackers community and we had some traffic from there and Twitter.

Sign ups


We gained a total of 64 new subscribers, this is by far the most we’ve ever had in one month.


Which brings our total users to 184. Next metric we’re hoping for, paying users!


All in on dark mode

We went all in on dark mode for the landing page as well as the application itself this month. Previously dark mode was an afterthought for the application and we didn’t support it at all for the landing page. The landing page has been rewritten from the ground up with TailwindCSS and we migrated off Jekyll to Eleventy. Overall we’re much quicker to iterate and get pages out the door after this. This additionally forced us to clean up and refactor many of our components which was much needed.

Thanks for reading

This months update is short and sweet as we spent a lot of time putting out fires from all the traffic we had, however we’ve got some exciting features coming in November so stay tuned!

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