2020-09-10 Alex Harley

Public, read-only projects

A little while ago we at Portabella received one of our first feature requests, public boards! While developing Portabella privacy and security are always our thoughts when doing anything, however in retrospect it’s obvious some things don’t need to be private.

You can now go to the settings tab of your projects and click the button marked “Make public”.


This will:

  • decrypt all project information and any files previously uploaded
  • save the newly decrypted information and re-upload the files
  • give you a public URL you can send to your friends.

Please be careful when doing this as it means anyone will be able to view your board. If you’re looking at only letting a few select people view a board you can add members to your project with the Guest role.

As a demonstration of this feature, we’ve made the development board for Portabella itself public, you can view it here.

Other updates

Its been a little while since we’ve provided an update on Portabella, here are some other improvements we’ve made recently.


We migrated the entire codebase to TypeScript. While embarking on this mission to provide public boards, we realised how large the Portabella codebase was. Migrating to TypeScript was a lot of work and we still have a couple @ts-ignore’s scattered through the codebase, but in general we’re able to iterate much faster knowing we won’t break things


We built some basic dashboards for a high level overview of your work. These dashboards include an activity feed, graphs of your opened/closed cards statistics and an overview of tasks currently assigned to you



Our basic onboarding flow is live, first time users to Portabella will now be prompted to create a board with some prepopulated columns and cards. In the future we’ll improve this with import from Trello/Asana/Jira functionality.



We’ve greatly improved the notification system, there’s now a whole host of things you can be notified for such as, whenever you’re assigned to a card or invited to a new team:


That’s all for now!

Thanks for reading and checking out Portabella, we’re hard at work developing new features and improving the platform, so please reach out on Twitter or email us if you have any questions.

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