2020-05-24 Alex Harley

Collaboration improvements

Just deployed! We’ve revamped our collaboration tooling in Portabella with @mentions, assignments, filtering and notifications. If we’re being honest a kanban/issue tracker is pretty hard to use without the above features, so we’re glad they’re finally here.

Here’s a screenshot for comparison of the old card view screen:

Old edit modal

And the new one:

New edit modal

As you can see everything is much cleaner and it’s going to be a lot easier to create cards that make sense.

It’d be pointless if people were tagging you in cards left and right without you being notified of that, so we’ve added a notification dropdown to the navigation bar. We’ll soon add a settings page where you can choose to get these delivered to you via email (this would be opt in of course).

Notification modal

Finally we’ve added a simple way to filter cards by assignee on a board.


That’s all there is for today, next up on our roadmap is any of the following:

  • more filtering/searching capabilities
  • realtime collaboration
  • notification settings (email integration as mentioned above)
  • markdown support in cards
  • payments.

If you have any preferences feel free to email us at hello@portabella.io and we’ll be sure to prioritise your feature request.

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