Introducing Portabella

19 May 2020 • Alex Harley
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At Portabella we believe in a future that is encrypted by default. The age of data leaks is upon us, every month we hear about millions of rows of user data being exposed. At some point we have to address the underlying issue, which is storing plaintext user data. In most cases the user experience is not improved by the business holding on to user data, so we believe they shouldn’t.

Our goal is to provide a suite of end-to-end encrypted tools that individuals and businesses alike can use day-to-day. We’ve started with a kanban board (similar in functionality to you’ve come to expect from Trello, Jira and Asana), but we’ll be expanding into other products as the business evolves.

See you next time!

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Funded and developed by @alex_b_h_ in Berlin, Germany
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