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Hi there! Thanks for checking out Portabella. I'm Alex and I've been working on Portabella since early 2020. Follow along here for new feature announcements, interesting bugs and general privacy commentary.

08 November 2020 Cryptography in Layman's Terms

Ever wondered what a blind signature is? Interested in learning about practical applications of cryptography?

08 November 2020 Password vs. mnemonic based login

What is the difference between these two login methods? Why do we give users the choice? Which one is right for you?

01 November 2020 Monthly update, October Edition

Statistics, metrics, updates and more #buildinpublic

02 October 2020 Trackers, privacy and visibility on the web

Safari's new Privacy Report and Blacklight tells you about trackers that the browser has blocked, let's compare how Portabella fares against other platforms on the web.

10 September 2020 Public, read-only projects

Sometimes things being unencrypted and public makes sense, we make that easy for you.

14 July 2020 How does Portabella work?

How we encrypt and ensure the end-to-end integrity of your data.

02 June 2020 What does Portabella store, encrypted or otherwise?

An overview of exactly we store in plaintext, encrypted or otherwise. We'll also cover the benefits of end-to-end encryption and things you can look out for when deciding on privacy preserving tools.

01 June 2020 More collaboration improvements

We've nailed down a realtime experience that you'll love!

24 May 2020 Collaboration improvements

We've been hard at work to provide an enhanced collaboration experience, read about it here!

19 May 2020 Introducing Portabella

A quick intro of who we are and what we want to do.

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