Thanks for checking out Portabella! I’m Alex, and I’m on a mission to improve the web.

The idea to start Portabella came about after spending the last fews years trying to make a difference at DataWallet. The biggest takeaway from my time there was that while people want to use secure, privacy preserving platforms, a few barriers stand in their way:

  • discoverability - products with huge marketing budgets dominate search results
  • ease of use - oftentimes the UI and UX on secure platforms is more difficult for everyday users to ramp up on than alternatives
  • lack of knowledge - it can be hard for people to pinpoint exactly why they need privacy preserving applications.

In addition to my strong stance on data privacy, I’ve always had opinions on how a business should be run. Now that I’m steering the ship I’m free to implement policies I see fit.

No spammy call to actions

I personally hate it when websites flood me with notifications and popups asking me to chat with them or sign up. I also don’t want my mouse movements tracked and analysed by heatmaps to see where I’m lingering. Portabella doesn’t do any of that, I’m of the opinion that if people want to get in touch, they will.

No marketing spam

I don’t need every service I sign up for emailing me twice a week, the signal to noise ratio is too high, and sometimes I just want my domain registar to be my domain registar. With Portabella every bit of communication is explicitly opted into.

Support purchasing parity

The beauty of software and the web is that nowadays we can distribute to anyone with an internet connection. However unfortunately one dollar or one euro is worth hugely different amounts in different parts of the world. We don’t want to deny anyone what we believe to be fundamental privacy rights, so we’ll happily lower our price when asked.

Easy money back guarantees

Not happy with the product? A cancelled subscription and refund is just one click away. We’ve all dealt with the myriad of techniques sales reps use to keep a subscription going, and we all hate it, so we don’t do it.

Carbon neutral

More than ever our planet needs our help and it’s up to all of us to do what we can to make a difference. A percentage of our revenue is dedicated to ensuring our platform is carbon neutral. In the future, we’ll also be looking to be carbon negative and give back to the world.

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