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Supercharge your operations with an all in one task management solution
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No third party data tracking

Portabella is free of third party tracking scripts and pixels. You are not the product.

End-to-end encrypted

Core data is encrypted before leaving your browser so no one except you or your team can see your data.

Realtime collaboration

Levaraging websockets means you'll never be stuck refreshing your page for updates again.

Shareable when you need

Sometimes you want to show off your work to the world. Easily set your project as public for the world to see.


Portabella is a breath of fresh air in todays privacy climate. They don't want to sell your data, they just offer a dependable project management tool perfect for small businesses.

Marcia MadeYouLook
Digital Marketing Manager

Portabella is exactly what we need out of a project tracking tool, knowing it's end-to-end encrypted is a bonus as we're already onboard with services like Signal.

Dave MadeYouLook
Senior Software Engineer

There's no shortage of project mangement solutions out there but what tipped it for me (and my team) are the ethical business practices Portabella engages in.

Judith MadeYouLook
Product Owner

The future of project management

Everything you need to manage your projects securely and privately.

Powerful organization features

Stay on top of all your tasks and track progress on your work items. Portabella's rich collaboration tools give you everything you need for productivity.

Assignees and deadlines
Know who's doing what, and manage your time wisely. Get notifications for assignments, mentions, and upcoming deadlines.
Labels and files
Organize your work items with labels and attach files to tasks. Forget about switching tabs: all your documents can live in one place, and 1GB of free encrypted storage is on us!
Import your existing projects
Chances are you're not new to project management platforms, easily import projects from Trello, Asana and Jira in just a few clicks.

Dashboards and overviews

The hardest part of any project is lining up all the work items and keeping people unblocked, Portabella has dashboards and overviews built in at the core to help you get the most out of it

Project and team dashboards
Don't waste time searching for the right information. Your project and team level dashboards show you the most important information at a glance
Knowledge base
Now your internal knowledge base can live alongside your projects. Documents are flexible enough to be used for specifications, onboarding instructions, design documents and more.
Timelines and calendars
See what needs to be done today, or jump forward by weeks and months to plan ahead

Portabella Feedback

Collect user feedback in a secure and privacy preserving manner. Configure our easy to use widget and start receiving feedback directly into Portabella today.

Triage and prioritise work items
Now your customer requests can live alongside your development tickets. This allows for easy prioritisation and assigning of work to be done.
Customise to fit your brand
Portabella Feedback is totally customizable, make it fit your brand or keep the distinctive Portabella Purple to let people know it's secure.


For wherever you are in your journey

We've created a cool product, but we don't want to charge an arm and a leg for it. Hopefully you find the prices we've outlined below fair and inclusive. We also understand that money is not valued the same everywhere in the world, to that end we'll happily match our price with your local currency, just get in touch.

Dipping your toes into a privacy friendly future?
  • One project
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Three documents
  • Board, list, calendar, documents and gantt views
  • 1GB encrypted file storage
For Portabella as your personal organizer and planning tool.
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited documents
  • Board, list, calendar, documents and gantt views
  • 1GB encrypted file storage per user
  • Realtime collaboration (up to three members)
  • Import existing boards from Trello
  • 48 hour support times
  • Integrations and API access
Everything needed for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited documents
  • Board, list, calendar, documents and gantt views
  • 10GB encrypted file storage per user
  • Realtime collaboration (unlimited members)
  • Import from Trello, Jira, Asana and more
  • 24 hour support times
  • Integrations and API access
  • Fine grained access controls
  • Team level dashboards and overviews
  • Portabella Feedback widget
Non Profit
Registered as a non profit? A student and can't fork out the money right now? We want to help you. Get access to everything in the Business plan for a fraction of the price.

Frequently asked questions

How does Portabella work?
Portabella uses a combination of AES, ECIES and ECDH to ensure secure and encrypted communication. All private keys are generated in your browser (with the option to import your own mnemonic for higher entropy) and data is only ever decrypted there. We've written a blog post with more information on the exact details of this.
Who is the team behind Portabella?
Currently development is done by me, Alex in Berlin, Germany. I began working on this in my free time after my tenure at DataWallet. During my time there I saw that while people want to use privacy preserving and end-to-end encrypted tools, they aren't necessarily easy to use or accessible.
What are other platforms lacking that you provide?
With Portabella, you are not the product. A limited free tier allows us to charge organisations for a premium product. This allows us to focus on and develop features in privacy preserving ways. We can't expect companies to do anything more than the bare minimum when it comes to privacy, and by using end-to-end encryption we put it at the forefront of our offering. No one should be able to see your data but you.
Why should I care about my privacy?
Data brokers spanning every industry imaginable including credit reporting, risk mitigation and advertising buy and sell your data at breakneck speeds. These brokers know a worrying amount about you and your habits (both online and offline). End-to-end encryption signifies an end to this shady business model. Without being able to look at data, brokers aren't able to derive any value from it.
Is there a public roadmap?
Looking for a new feature? We host and track Portabella development out in the open on Portabella, take a look at our public roadmap here.
Is Portabella open source?
Not yet. Hopefully soon we'll be in a position where the Portabella codebase can be open sourced.

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